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An exposition and a school, a promise and a result…


The Silver Fir_Diab Pavilion is strategic subject of the innovative platform NAU , Nature Architecture’s own University, presented in Venice

Ca’Balbi Valier, Accademia 22 June – 22 November 2021.

“In the eyes of the Teacher Nature is the aspect of materiality that show the most evident and spontaneus point of contact with the Divine

(Merois – Givaudan)”.

The Silver Fir_Diab Pavilion project is developed from the study of the Silver Fir’s fiber, using the electronic microscope .

The shape of the pavilion came from the geomethrical principles of Nature, keeping in its architectural process genetic Natural paradigms.

The lecture of the generative code, an epigenetic condition fixed in that place, in that instant, lead to a real building made of a matter that measure hitself in volume per unit – time.

The project

Eco Generative Design is the process that architect Raffaella Laezza focalized and teaches into the University of IUAV – Venice and Padova, use to define an architectural code by extracting it from a natural subject .

Observing the “Matter of Nature” armonizes men by informing their senses about the constantly moving attitude of the cosmic and natural manifestations. Only Geomethry, the design, results to be out of Time, out from what is borning and what is dying, structurally deciding about it.

Matter, The DIAB PET

The Silver Fir_Diab Pavilion is made of recycled PET and it was choosen because it comes from a massive industrial chain of production: it was a goal of the project to lead a generic massive product into a circular economic model.

This experimental employ of the PET as a Mono – material for an Architectural prototype gives the possibility to realize a temporary ephemeral pavilion – generally a typical type of a non recyclable object – in an entirely reciclable object.

This experience will increase the knowledge about using DIAB PET in Circolar Economy Architectural process and will enforce the partnership between designers and factory, that became not only a manufacturer but a developer of common research, knowledge and culture.

Mono – material

The finishing of the surface of the pavilion is created directly on the virgin PET, without adding any new layer by another material .

Cutter machine with numerical control provided to create on surface of the elements a Chiaroscuro effect, an immaterial solution that can give strong personality to the recyclable matter.

All the junctions of the Pavilion are made of the same PET of the walls, The Silver Fir_Diab Pavilion is interely built with a mono-material , reusable, recyclable to respect enterely the process of the Circular Economy.

The pure white is the original colour of the PET, without using any pigment.

NAU: Sustainability 100%

NAU did not produce waste setting up the exibition, during it and is not using electricity, cooling or heating . All the banners are made of Glebanite, recycled fiberglass by Rivierasca S.p.a.

The attention to design a pavilion interely in PET, in every particular, create an Architecture that comunicate its essence in the most direct and essential way, as a pattern.

The students of Univerisity of Engineering of Padova_ Department of ICEA were the designers of Silver Fir_Diab Pavilion. They were able to explain the pure geomethrycal aim of the project with a material that seems to show the pure geometrhy in an immaterial way.

Silver Fir_Diab Pavilion shows that the subject is not the material, but its process, legal and sustainable certifications, and its appartenance to a circular industrial model.

Architecture drives spectators not into an object but in a collective and contemporaneous model, social, economic and industrial.

The Agreement

Core of the Venetian’s experience is the agreement between DIAB and

NAU : Silver Fir_Diab Pavilion is rented to the exposition to simulate the last part of the circular process. The restitution of the rented pavilion is necessary to recycle/reuse the matter.

Silver Fir_Diab Pavilion was designed by the students of Univerisity of Engineering of Padova_ Department of ICEA: the students won the first prize of the workshop 2019 – 2020. It will be exposed in Fuorisalone of Milan in 2022, and is now exposed in Ca’Balbi Valier, on the Grand Canal in Venice, in the project NAU, Nature Architecture’s own University.

Creators of NAU, teachers of the University workshop, are the architects Raffaella Laezza & Tai Sammartini.

NAU invited to visit the project new friends as WeAreHereVenice, The Zoop Project and some relevant international players in research and culture that has based in Venice, togheter involved in Environmental research and in applications in Cyrcular Economy.

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