V E N E Z I A  2 0 2 1 – 2 2  :  N  A  U

V E N E Z I A 2 0 2 1 – 2 2 : N A U

An exposition and a school, a promise and a result... NAU EXIBITS THE SILVER FIR_Diab PAVILION The Silver Fir_Diab Pavilion is strategic subject of the innovative platform NAU , Nature Architecture's own University, presented in Venice Ca'Balbi Valier, Accademia 22 June - 22 November 2021. "In the eyes of the Teacher Nature is the aspect of materiality that show the most evident and spontaneus point of contact with the Divine (Merois - Givaudan)". The Silver Fir_Diab Pavilion project is developed from the study of the Silver Fir's fiber, using the electronic microscope .…continue reading →