This year did not seems to be started in a brilliant way. As Australia burned horribly, started this new problem with virus. Is not time for architects to decide about leather for a comfortable chair for a beautiful customer,

but we are all called to give a quick response to those problems, really old problems, that this year seems to have found a representative unique name for all together, in this situation that a lot of people call “covid 19”.

12 years of horrible economic stagnation, moral decadence, political vacuum, growing contrasts between modern and standard, reach and poor, scientific innovation against growing massive ignorance of the middle and upper class…nothing is more fresh, instinctive and positive: time to change.

Big changes are usually brought by war, pestilences or love, that is something too much beautiful for those who choose easier for the dark.

So the situation is now offering us wars and, why not, pestilence. Pestilence inducted by pangolinos, bats and Gates, of course, but probably just a terrible signal of a global corrupt situation of an old model that does not want to die,…

So let’s change, change and change, to stop the virus of lazy consuetudes, and to remain contemporary, young and positive: time for new projects!

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